Faith of the Heart

Ain't It Purty.'

Hi, Giselle!

Whew, have I had a week!  Don’t ask, it was hectic; I don’t really want to think about it.  So today I thought I’d write you about one of my favorite songs attached to one of my favorite television shows, Star Trek: Enterprise.  The song is called Faith of the Heart and you can find it right here:  I’m fairly sure that the video that comes with this song is from an extended opening credits scene.  If it’s not, well, then it’s not!

Still, I have to thank whoever put it together.  They did a good job.

The song was, as far as I can discover, first performed by Rod Stewart.  It is a very uplifting song, but there are parts of the video that are a little confusing at first.  Every new verse after the refrain has the Enterprise in a firefight with alien ships – or getting blasted into dust by them.  I think this is to match the verses. 

As an example, here’s the last verse: “I’ve known a wind so cold/I’ve seen the darkest days/ But now the winds I feel/Are only winds of change/ I’ve been through the fire/And I’ve been through the rain/But I’ll be back again!”

Throughout this last verse, the Enterprise is shown in battle and, a couple of times, it is shown being destroyed.  But immediately afterwards, during the refrain: “’Cause I’ve got faith of the heart/I’m goin’ where my heart will take me/etc,” the Enterprise is shown flying peacefully through space on its mission of exploration as this part of the song plays out.

So why set the video up like this?  Well, I think that it’s to show that the spirit of the Enterprise cannot be permanently defeated.  Yes, the ship is blown to bits several times throughout the video (and the series) but it always comes back.  The crew always finds a way home with their ‘enterprising’ attitude.  After all, necessity is the mother of invention, right?  Well, enterprise is the spirit that makes the invention.  There’s no better impetus for that than having several people pounding on the door (or the ship’s thrusters) trying to get to the crew and kill them, a situation every crew of every Star Trek ship named Enterprise has faced countless times.  So the Enterprise never dies because it’s always going to be needed.

Make sure you watch the ending closely, too, Giselle.  I think it’s the most uplifting part of the video.  I’d tell you more about it, but then I’d spoil it for you!!!

Time to shut down.  Write you again!




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