Fili and Kili

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Hey, DiNozzo!

Long time no write.  Sorry about that, but when I get in a groove; I have a hard time getting out of it.  So, on to this letter’s topic and its focus on the Dwarf brothers in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Yeah they’re brothers.  Didn’t you notice?  It was mentioned in the book, and i thought they did a good job of leading viewers to understand that the two were brothers.

Oh, that’s it.  I’m not telling Gibbs about that one.  You will have to deal with Ziva for that untoward crack about books, Tony!

You cannot possibly change my mind – unless….

How willing are you to buy me a Klondike bar whenever I drop by the squad room?

Well, in that case, I’ll just have to see Ziva and ….

Good.  Then we have a deal.  Now be quiet and listen about Thorin’s nephews.

How were you supposed to know that they were related to him when it was never mentioned in the movie?  At least not in the cut we saw in theaters; the extended edition may have some mention of it.  We’ll have to wait and see.

So, to get back to Fili and Kili: the blonde Dwarf is Fili and the dark-haired Dwarf is Kili.  Of all the Dwarves, Kili alone is shown as being an archer.

Throughout the movie, both dwarves are seen as having a sense of humor far outshining their elders and young Ori.  They both enjoy teasing Bilbo Baggins more than anyone else, and are also hot to begin fighting in certain situations.  In this, Kili is the more reckless of the two, such as when he tells the trolls to drop Bilbo the first time and ends up getting a face full of Hobbit for his bravado.  This after sending the same poor Hobbit to spy on them in the first place…!

Fili seems to be the kinder of the two.  When he enters Bag End first, he asks Bilbo to put away his sword and dagger, telling him to “be careful.  I’ve just had these sharpened.”  While he’s doing this, Kili has been poking around the Hole and then proceeds to wipe his boots on Bilbo’s furniture.  Later, when the two tease Bilbo about Orc attacks, Fili is the first to crack up at Bilbo’s expression, showing that they were joshing him.  Also, it would appear that he went to get Thorin and company while Kili stayed behind to help in case Bilbo got caught by the trolls (which he did).

Despite their differing personalities, the two are shown to be close.  One is never far from the other.  When they end up separated in the pass, Kili shows fear for his brother when he can’t reach him to pull him to safety.  Near the end of the movie, when Thorin states that Bilbo has gone home to the Shire after the company has escaped the Orcs with Gandalf’s help, the two stand apart from the rest of the company but are practically crowding each other in the same patch of ground.  Later still, the two ride the same eagle to safety on the Carrock!

Although they tease Bilbo somewhat mercilessly, the two young dwarves appear to be fond of him.  Kili is furious when the trolls grab Bilbo and threaten to tear him to pieces, and would have attacked them if Thorin hadn’t wisely held him back.

Also, during Thorin’s declaration that Bilbo has gone home, both stare at the ground in a disgruntled manner, as if they want to disagree vehemently with their uncle but will not talk back to him.  Immediately after Bilbo reveals himself, Fili and Kili are thrilled to find their ‘burglar’ has safely escaped the Orcs in the Misty Mountains and rejoined the company for the rest of their adventure.

Oh, come on, Tony, of course they aren’t going to say anything to Thorin about badmouthing Bilbo the way he did!  First, he’s their king.  Second, he’s their uncle and their elder, so presumably he’s smarter than they are and deserves their respect, even when he tells them unpleasant things.  Third, he could whip them both in a fight before you could blink.

I would too bet money on that, DiNozzo, and the promised Klondike bars to boot!

So of the thirteen (who can be extremely hard to keep track of through the events in the film) Fili and Kili are two of the dwarves who are given some of the greatest personality development.  In fact, Jackson may have done this as a way of tying in the Hobbit films with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  After all, who did we see in those films who were always getting into mischief?  Kili is pretty close in character to Pippin, and while we haven’t seen enough of Fili, he’s not that bad as a predecessor to Merry.

On that note, all I have to say is, “Let’s have some more of that mischief then, eh, boys?”

Well, time for me to split.  Catch ya later, DiNozzo!  Yes, I am still mad at you for saying that about books.  Therefore my next note is going to be about a movie you probably did not even know was coming out!

Hah-ha!  The power of hearing you moan!



Author’s Note:  The suggestion that Fili and Kili may be twins is an error.  Fili is five years older than Kili; the allusions to these Dwarf brothers being twins was an error.  I apologize for the confusion this has caused, and have removed from this post any mention of their being twins.


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