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Why are the Autobots Always Outnumbered?

Hello, Transformers Writers! Today’s title gets the ball rolling. Lately ‘reboots’ of the Transformers’ genre have the Autobots as the minority in the war for Cybertron – and later, on Earth. Why? To my mind, there are three answers. First, … Continue reading

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Star Wars: A Family Torn Apart

Hello, Star Wars Writers! I can hear the groans now.  I know.  First the Marvel Comics writers, then the Transformers writers, now you guys.  My interests are rather wide.  So it’s not hard for somebody, somewhere, to irritate me. Reading … Continue reading

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The Hobbit Film Trilogy: Pride and ‘Hobbit Sense’

Hey, DiNozzo! My Klondike bar – thanks.  How’s business? That bad, huh?  I heard it was going a bit harder than usual.  How are Ziva and McGee doing? When are you going to quit calling him McGeek?  Yes, it’s cute, … Continue reading

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Uncontrolled Chaos

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. – Leonardo da Vinci Hello, Marvel Writers! Age of Ultron is finally complete – oh, wait.  Now time and space are going to explode unless Henry Pym … Continue reading

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