“Avengers – Snowball Fight!”

Marvel's Avengers Assemble!

Hi, Everybody!

Today’s post contains one very inane question, which will hopefully make it fun simply because it is so inane. Which Avenger do you think would win if they all had a Christmas Day snowball fight? There’s a poll at the bottom of the post (I hope) where you can vote for the Avenger you think would win if the team engaged in an all-out snowball battle.

Personally, my money is on the Hulk. He could make a snowball big enough to bury half of the Avengers, and he’s strong enough to lob it at whoever he chooses. His target Avenger would be lucky if he/she wasn’t pancaked.

If I had to choose second and third place winners (if anyone would be able to stand up after the Hulk had finished with them) I would choose Cap and Hawkeye for second place. Iron Man would, I think, nab third base. I give the second place slot to Cap and Hawkeye because they’re both amazing shots; as for handing Iron Man third place, he would find some way to use his armor to his advantage. He may not come out on top, but he’ll come out on his own two feet if he can.

As you know, this is my first attempt at a poll. So if there are any glitches with it, odds are they’re on me. Fingers crossed that there aren’t any snags, but better safe than sorry. So have fun everybody, and beware of high speed snowballs coming your way! Merry Christmas!

The Mithril Guardian



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