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None of His Business…

Papago Wells

He knew it was none of his business but something impelled him to ask, “Are you really going to marry him?”

Her eyes when she turned to look at him were level and cool.  “I believe that is my business, Mr. Cates.”

“Of course.”

“He’s a gentleman,” she added, and was immediately angry for defending him.  “He has breeding.”

“So has his horse…but I wouldn’t pick him to ride in this country.”

“I don’t intend to live in this country.”

“Then you should do all right.”  Her comment rankled, and he said irritably, “What’s wrong with this country?  Your father likes it.  He helped to open it up.”

“I’ve seen how a country like this opened up and I don’t like it. I doubt, Mr. Cates, if you could understand how I feel.”  She looked directly into his eyes.  “I know what kind of man you are.”

“Do you?”  His eyes narrowed as they swept the lava and sand.  “I don’t believe it.  I don’t believe you know anything about a man like me or a country like this.  It takes rough men, Miss Fair, to tame a rough country; rough men but good men.  Your father is in that class.  As for you, I don’t think you’d measure up, and you’ll do well to leave it.  You’re a hothouse flower, very soft, very appealing and very useless.”

“You aren’t very complimentary.”

“Should I be?”  He glanced at the end of his cigarette, then his eye caught a flicker of movement and he held himself very still, keyed for action until he saw it was a tiny lizard, struggling with some insect at the edge of a bush.  “In the world you are going to, men want pretty, useless women.  They want toys for their lighter moments, and we have those women out here, too, only we have another name for them.  We want women here who can make a home, and if need be, handle a rifle.”

“And you don’t think I could?”

“You’re quitting, aren’t you?  You’re running away?”

“My father can get along without me.  He has done so for years.”

“And probably during all those years he has been looking forward to the day when you would be with him.  What do you suppose a man like your father works for?  He worked for you, for your children…if you ever have any.”

Exchange between Logan Cates and Jennifer Fair in Last Stand at Papago Wells by Louis L’Amour


The Steward and the Wizard

“He will not wake again,” said Denethor.  “Battle is vain.  Why should we wish to live longer?  Why should we not go to death side by side?”

“Authority is not given to you, Steward of Gondor, to order the hour of your death,” answered Gandalf.  “And only the heathen kings, under the domination of the Dark Power, did thus, slaying themselves in pride and despair, murdering their kin to ease their own death.”

Denethor and Gandalf in Chapter Seven of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


“What then would you have,” said Gandalf, “if your will could have its way?”

“I would have things as they were in all the days of my life,” answered Denethor, “and in the days of my longfathers before me: to be the Lord of this City in peace, and leave my chair to a son after me, who would be his own master and no wizard’s pupil.  But if doom denies this to me, then I will have naught:  neither life diminished, nor love halved, nor honor abated.”

“To me it would not seem that a Steward who faithfully surrenders his charge is diminished in love or in honor,” said Gandalf.  “And at the least you shall not rob your son of his choice while his death is still in doubt.”

Denethor and Gandalf in Chapter Seven of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

A Sign of Affection

Those who have been following my blog for as long as I have had it know that, formerly, I would address my posts to certain characters.   I bring up my older posts because of the two videos included below.

Previously, when I reviewed movies and TV shows, I addressed the reviews to one ‘Very Special’ NCIS Agent, Anthony ‘Tony’ DiNozzo.  DiNozzo is a character in the television crime series NCIS, portrayed by actor Michael Weatherly.  These two videos below feature the character, as well as his teammates, being given a ‘tap’ of affection from their team leader, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).  The videos are a great deal of fun – so enjoy them!

Have fun!

The Mithril Guardian

Some of the Best TV Themes Ever Heard

Almost everyone has a favorite TV series which they enjoy watching. Some have more than one. People pay a great deal of attention to the introductory theme music for their favorite shows. Having more preferred TV shows than I can count, I also have a fondness for their individual introductory themes. Today, I thought that I would list some of my favorite TV show ‘intros.’ The first such introduction music belongs to a show I watched faithfully while it was still being filmed, Stargate SG-1:

I know that some people do not care to have scenes flash by while the theme music is playing, especially when the scenes belong to a show they may never have seen before. But it drives me crazy to have nothing to look at while my favorite theme music is playing. At least, it does when I am listening to music on the computer. Other times I can listen to music without any such problems.

The second theme I wanted to bring up is from SG-1’s spinoff series, Stargate Atlantis:

Below I have also included a song performed by one of Atlantis’ lead actresses, Rachel Luttrell. In the video, Miss Luttrell is portraying one of the series’ lead characters – Teyla Emmagan – and is singing a song of good-bye for her character’s tribe’s wise woman. The ‘dead’ lady was the oldest woman of the tribe and Teyla’s mother figure.

The video I have selected is a ‘tribute’ video, a video put together by a fan of Rachel Luttrell’s character. As such, it includes footage of Teyla that is out of sync with the episode in which Miss Luttrell performed the song.   Originally trained as a singer by her father, Miss Luttrell performs the song to perfection. I lack words to express how the song and the music affect me. Perhaps by listening to it you, too, will feel the way I do when I hear it. The song is called “Beyond the Night.” My one regret is that the song is so short!!!

Another piece of television music I enjoy is this military theme for the series someone once dubbed “Just Another Goofy.” In reality, the show was a crime series centering on Navy lawyers, those officers who serve in the Judge Advocate General of the Navy, or JAG:

Before and after Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, JAG was the go-to TV show. It has been off the air for a very long time now. One can hardly find the reruns for it playing anymore. I miss it.

Fortunately, the saga of JAG continues with its spinoff series NCIS. NCIS is a show revolving around the detectives for the U.S. Navy. These detectives hunt down criminals who kill or harm U.S. naval personnel, active or retired. The letters NCIS stand for Naval Criminal Investigative Services:

There are other videos tied to NCIS, but for now I will just put this one up. The others are funny scenes’ montages, so they can wait for another day.

A series I watched when I was small was only run intermittently. Its day had long ago come and gone, but that did not lessen the entertainment I got out of it one iota. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the introduction to that “crack commando unit,” The A-Team!

This is an old show today. Another ‘old’ favorite TV theme from my youth was this music, which accompanied the introduction to MacGyver:

One series I remember well was wont to be rerun on February 29th – when that day came around, of course. That series was Quantum Leap:

Another that caught my attention, many moons ago now, was the Canadian crime series Due South:

My one regret about this introduction video is that it is not from the first or second season of the series, but from the third or fourth seasons of the show. Still, the music is correct. Nothing else matters except for that.

Also on the Canadian television series’ front, there is this newest gem that only recently came to my attention. Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes (as far as I can tell), this series is known as Murdoch’s Mysteries in Canada. Stateside, the series is called The Artful Detective:

Many a soul has been touched by some television series bearing the Star Trek brand. My first encounter with the story was, appropriately enough, the original series with William Shatner and the first Enterprise cast. But the theme for that series does not replay in my head with the same regularity as the theme for the sequel series Star Trek: Enterprise:

All right, now to the last music theme I have for this post.

The theme for my final pick is short. In my opinion it is far, far, too short. Much like the series this theme introduced, the song was a song of defiance. And for that defiance, perhaps, both the show and the song were canceled before they could spin their story into a long series. Here, therefore, is the theme for Firefly:

Until next time!

The Mithril Guardian