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None of His Business…

He knew it was none of his business but something impelled him to ask, “Are you really going to marry him?” Her eyes when she turned to look at him were level and cool.  “I believe that is my business, … Continue reading

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The Steward and the Wizard

“He will not wake again,” said Denethor.  “Battle is vain.  Why should we wish to live longer?  Why should we not go to death side by side?” “Authority is not given to you, Steward of Gondor, to order the hour … Continue reading

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A Sign of Affection

Those who have been following my blog for as long as I have had it know that, formerly, I would address my posts to certain characters.   I bring up my older posts because of the two videos included below. … Continue reading

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Some of the Best TV Themes Ever Heard

Almost everyone has a favorite TV series which they enjoy watching. Some have more than one. People pay a great deal of attention to the introductory theme music for their favorite shows. Having more preferred TV shows than I can … Continue reading

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