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Facts of Life

He who is capable of memory and reason…needs no seer’s crystal ball. – Lillian de la Torre It is a rare mind that can render the hitherto nonexistent blindingly obvious. – Douglas Adams Authentic detail can always be used to … Continue reading

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Words.  They are such simple little things.  They are as common as sunshine, rain, and breathing. Words.  We forget what they mean because we use them so often.  Glibly, idly, sharply, softly, happily, or angrily, most everyone uses words to … Continue reading

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Ladyhawke is one of my favorite films of all time.  Set in about the mid to late 1400s, maybe even the early 1500s, the movie follows the escape of Philippe the Mouse (Matthew Broderick) from Aquila, a prison in France.  … Continue reading

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“Look here.” Simon was bitterly disappointed, the more so because he had almost dared to hope again. Petronius was cracked, there was no escape after all. “Arthur and the Round Table – that’s a fairy tale for kids.  You’re talking … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Mothers.  Women we often ignore, or sometimes we plain dislike them. Doubtless, there are mothers out there who bear disliking.  But that has not been my experience. Oh, I have had fights with my mother, arguments, fallings out, and things … Continue reading

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Book Review: Storms of Victory by Andre Norton and P. M. Griffin

Andre Norton was a prolific writer of fantasy and science fiction during her lifetime. Before her death in 2005 she completed her final book, Three Hands for Scorpio, a fantasy novel. Whether she is better known for her science fiction … Continue reading

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Sing, Mockingjay!

I think that Peeta was onto something about us destroying one another and letting some decent species take over. Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children’s lives to settle its differences. – Katniss Everdeen in … Continue reading

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