The Problem with Clones

The Last Command

Bel Iblis gestured to the deck officer, who nodded and got busy. “All right, Leia,” he said, turning back to her. “What’s going on?”

Leia took a deep breath. “It’s the cloning, Garm. I know how Thrawn’s growing them so fast.”

The whole war room had gone dead quiet. “Tell me,” Bel Iblis said.

“It’s the Force,” she told him. It was so obvious – so utterly obvious – and yet she’d missed it completely. “Don’t you see? When you make an exact duplicate of a sentient being, there’s a natural resonance or something set up through the Force between that duplicate and the original. That’s what warps the mind of a clone that’s been grown too fast – there’s not enough time for the mind to adapt to the pressure on it. It can’t adjust; so it breaks.”

“All right,” Bel Iblis said dubiously. “How is Thrawn getting around the problem?”

“It’s very simple,” Leia said, a shiver running through her. “He’s using ysalamiri to block the Force away from the cloning tanks.”

Exchange between Leia Organa Solo and General Garm Bel Iblis in Star Wars: The Last Command by Timothy Zahn


About The Mithril Guardian

I like stories.  Whether they’re on film, in song, or in print, I always remember a good story.  They remind me of paintings.  People cannot see them without learning something.  So it’s a good idea to look at a story from as many angles as possible.  I can watch the same movie a million times and still I will learn something that I did not know before.  Thoughts on the Edge of Forever is where I get to focus on what I learned from stories; what was not obvious the first time, the second time, or the umpteenth time. Earlier posts are written in the form of letters, usually to specific characters, to point out what I saw in a particular story or heard in a piece of music. Some of those letters, though, are like letters to the editor. Why did someone write a story this way and not another? Would the story have turned out better if the writer had done something different? These ‘letters to the editor’ will probably never be answered by the writers - the characters certainly will not answer anything - but their contents are still up for debate. After all, unless you ask a question, you will never get an answer. Still, civil ground rules apply. Any foul language or other form of abuse will not be tolerated in Thoughts on the Edge of Forever. I mean, who wants to be around the guest at the dinner party who is being nasty? Practically nobody, since people go to a party to have fun, not to hang around a grouch. So let’s have fun! The Mithril Guardian
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