You Pays Your Money and You Takes Your Chance

The Cherokee Trail

“I wish we had a gun for you, too, Matty.”

“It would be better, mum, but there’s never a house without its weapons. There’s the butcher knife yonder and sticks of stove wood, lids from the stove, and there’s pepper in the shaker. As for that, we could keep some water hot. Boilin’ water has a way of changin’ men’s minds. We will have to do with what we have, mum.”

Hands on her hips, she looked around. “We could take a bit of that clothesline and stretch it across the door not quite so high as a man’s knee. When they come in an’ trip, we could take the firewood to them or the poker from the fireplace.”

“You might kill one of them!”

“Yes, mum, but when a body comes into your home of a night, breakin’ in or sneakin’ in without permission, he’s takin’ his own chances.”

“You’re right, Matty. Just for luck, we’ll keep some water boiling, too.”

“Yes, mum. Many’s the man was killed before ever gun was invented, an’ not havin’ a gun never stopped anybody from killin’ who was of a mind to. Nor a woman, either.” – Exchange between Mary Breydon and Matty Maginnis in The Cherokee Trail by Louis L’Amour


One thought on “You Pays Your Money and You Takes Your Chance

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