Twilight Dreams

Blued Dawn

I do not often fool around with my camera settings when I am taking photos of the sky – unlike people, clouds cannot be convinced to stay put. But when I took these two photos I did play around with my settings, putting the camera on the dusk/dawn setting, if memory serves. These “purpled” clouds are the result. This is not what the clouds actually looked like, of course, but this is the way the dusk/dawn setting made them appear.

I confess I am rather fond of these pictures. There is something otherworldly, almost magical about the twilight shades on the clouds. The photos make me think of King Arthur, unicorns, and dragons. Why I do not know, but they do.

The photos also bring to mind something I was asked a while ago. After watching Avatar, a friend asked me whether I would want a tail or a set of ears like the Na’vi’s. I hemmed and hawed over the decision, as neither appendage really and truly appealed to me. But today, I know exactly what my answer to my friend would be. “Neither. I want wings!”

Fantasy Dawn


The Mithril Guardian


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