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Prognostications for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Part 4

Whew – was it just me, or did that last Age of Ultron trailer, which came out during the final college football game of the year, skate on the edge of being extremely depressing? The trailer has very little to … Continue reading

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Reckless Caring

How scared Chyna had been that night, risking so much for a girl she had never seen. Scared less of Vess than of this new thing that she had found in herself. This reckless caring. And now she knows it … Continue reading

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Spotlight: Zoids – The Shadow Fox

Today’s Spotlight! is focused on yet another zoid, but this one is not from the series Zoids: Chaotic Century. This zoid – the Shadow Fox – is from the sequel series Zoids: New Century Zero. If you can remember a … Continue reading

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Despereaux looked at his father, at his gray-streaked fur and trembling whiskers and his front paws clasped together in front of his heart, and he felt suddenly as if his own heart would break in two. His father looked so … Continue reading

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Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!!!

Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law. – Boethius, 6th century philosopher To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love. – Jane Austen, English novelist Blessed is the … Continue reading

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Dean Koontz: The City

Whenever I enter a library, a bookstore, or a book aisle in a chain store, I feel very at home. I think that, if it were possible, I would even live in a library. Books have been my friends for … Continue reading

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The Law

“The law – ” “Ma’am, I respect the law. We need it, but we don’t have any more protection than we can give ourselves. There ain’t an officer of any kind within a hundred miles, and even if they were … Continue reading

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