Frozen – Let It Go

Let It Go

If you saw a post I wrote some time back which showed off a few of my favorite themes and songs from animated films and TV shows, then you know I enjoyed Disney’s Frozen. The movie has been a big hit, and while it may be getting more hype than it needs right now, it can rightfully find a place among the best movies ever made.

Part of the reason for this is its most popular song, Let It Go, sung by the film’s protagonist, Queen Elsa. Elsa begins to sing Let It Go when she decides not to stifle her cryokinetic powers any longer.  She experiments with her abilities for the first time in years, managing to make herself a huge, magnificent ice palace and a dress of fine frost and ice in a few moments. She declares she is no longer afraid of what she can do and casts her crown aside, choosing a life of hermitage away from others, so she will not hurt them.

Despite the song’s obviously triumphant tone and lyrics, I am skeptical that Elsa actually “threw off” her fear when she ditched her crown. If she had truly stopped being afraid of what she could do, why did Arendelle remain frozen up until Anna sacrificed herself to protect Elsa?

Yes, yes – the easy answer is that it was in the script. But I do not like easy answers with regard to stories; it is a rare tale that has an “easy” solution to a problem. And the “simplicity” of the dilemma is not necessarily related to how well a viewer/listener/reader can comprehend the story. Characters in stories react just like regular humans; when have we EVER made life easy for ourselves?

That is correct: we practically never do.

Elsa may have thought she gave up her fear, but I do not think she did. She gave up her terror of openly using her gifts, but she still viewed said gifts as a “curse,” recalling that the old troll who healed Anna had asked the King whether Elsa was “born with the power or cursed?”

Where Elsa once viewed her abilities as a gift, a power she could use to make her sister (and thereby herself) happy, she now views it only as something she wishes she did not have. Certainly, her bad experience of injuring her younger sister, however unwittingly, is partly to blame for this. But because of the old troll’s warning that “fear will be [her] enemy,” Elsa has grown to fear the power she once loved and controlled with relative ease.

And in this way fear is her enemy. It is not just the fear of her subjects, the Duke of Weselton, and Hans that is a threat to her. The biggest threat is her fear of her abilities. Her powers are so tightly tied to her emotional state that any strong emotion – love, fear, and anger – makes her powers react accordingly.  Love melts the snow, fear freezes her kingdom, and anger allows her to defend herself with the skill of a trained combatant.

So though she stops fearing the use of her powers, Elsa does not lose her fear of herself. She does not lose her fear of being a menace to society and to her own sister. This is why Arendelle remains a frozen kingdom, and only becomes colder and colder as Elsa’s terror mounts. Until Anna reminds her of how to let go of her fear, Elsa is unable to remove the snow and ice smothering her kingdom. Once she learns that she can in fact control her abilities; that they are in fact subject to her and not the other way around, does Elsa truly “Let It Go.”

This does not, in my opinion, make Let It Go any less of a great song. It may be a little premature in its setting in the film, but Elsa’s jubilation is more than somewhat premature! She thinks she is released when actually she is still shackled by her fear. Nevertheless, the song is enjoyable and a great piece of music to listen to when one can find the time.

So, readers, I will “let” you “go” until next time!


The Mithril Guardian

16 thoughts on “Frozen – Let It Go

  1. masterleiaofasgard

    Woah, that is really good! You’re really good at writing! Makes me feel like throwing in the towel on my blog…

    1. The Mithril Guardian Post author

      Hello, masterleiaofasgard! Thank you for the comment, and the likes! I am glad you enjoyed the posts! If you are “of Asgard,” is your favorite Marvel hero Thor? (My favorites are Captain America/Steve Rogers and Hawkeye/Clint Barton.)

      Please, don’t give up on your blog! I think it is great. “Choose Your Side” is a really good post, and it shows that you are a very good writer. That quote from Cap was absolutely perfect! And no, you are not the only one in the world who has not yet seen Avengers: Age of Ultron! I am DYING to see it!

      Again, please do not give up on your blog. Real heroes never give up – so why should we?


      The Mithril Guardian

      1. masterleiaofasgard

        I really do! They’re amazing! Um, I came up with that username last summer, when my favorite was Thor. Now my favs are Steve, Thor (in second place, heh) and Natasha. (Oh, and Bucky! 🙂 ) And I’m guessing from your username that you’re a LOTR/Hobbit fan?
        Thanks. 🙂 I really like writing, about Marvel especially. I’m also in the middle of writing a story which I’m considering putting on the blog. I like that quote too-it’s from the comics.
        I’ve been waiting like 5 months to see Age of Ultron. I bet it’s epic!
        Don’t worry, I won’t. It’s actually pretty fun.


        masterleiaofasgard (or just Leia 🙂 )

      2. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        Hi, Leia! This is cool – we both like Cap! Thor is not in my top ten favorites’ list, but I do respect him. (Magic hammers are helpful in encouraging respect!) Natasha is a great character, and so is Bucky. He is very sympathetic, and it is not hard to feel for him. I cannot tell who is in your Gravatar picture – is it Bucky, a Jedi, or is it a Sith?

        Yes, I am an LOTR/Hobbit fan. Aragorn is my favorite LOTR character, Faramir my second favorite. Who is yours?

        Marvel is one of my favorite things to write about, too. They hooked me with several different TV shows about the X-Men and Spider-Man when I was small, and then I fell even deeper into their world when I started researching the Avengers. Wonder of wonders, this was not long before the first Avengers film hit theaters in 2012! 🙂


        The Mithril Guardian (or Mithril for short)

      3. masterleiaofasgard

        Yeah, that’s neat! True, is’nt it? Or good looks-which was why I loved him in the first place. xD
        I’d say Bucky is my favorite assasin ever. The poor dear.
        Uh, yeah, it’s Bucky.
        Cool! I like best Legolas, and Sam in second place.
        I never watched that stuff when I was young, unfortunately. I first got interested in superheroes sometime at the beginning of last year, and my dad bought me the Avengers DVD for my birthday. That was the first Marvel movie I ever saw, and after that I watched all the others as well. Which are your favorite serieses? Mine are Captain America and The Fantastic Four.

      4. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        Thor’s looks never got my attention like Mjolnir did!

        I thought your Gravater photo was a picture of Bucky! It’s the mask – it had to either be a mask for protection from Tatooine sandstorms, or The Winter Soldier’s facemask!

        Legolas and Sam are great. Have you read The Hobbit and LOTR books, or only seen the movies? I read the books after seeing the LOTR films. X)

        By favorite series do you mean my favorite Marvel movie series, my favorite Marvel TV series, or my favorite Marvel Comics series? Mostly I stick to the movies and TV series, but I try to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the comics, too. (I must also warn you that some of my earlier posts on Marvel Comics have some errors in them which I have not yet taken the time to fix. The ones on the movies should be fine.)

        I like The Avengers movie, the Captain America films, and the Fantastic Four films with Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba. The X-Men films aren’t really up my alley, though I liked the cartoons growing up, and I am still fond of several of the X-Men.



      5. masterleiaofasgard

        Wait, what? Why not? Are you a boy, by any means? 😛
        I read the books before watching the movies.
        Favorite Marvel movie series. I haven’t read the comics, as much as I’d like to. I can’t manage to get ahold of them. 😦
        Fantastic Four is awesome, though Chris Evans is my favorite actor from there. 😛

        PS: Not to be nosy or anything, but how on earth did you find my blog?

      6. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        You are soooo lucky to have read The Hobbit and the LOTR books before seeing the films! I wish I had been able to read them years ahead of the first time I saw the movies, they are so good!

        The Avengers series of films are definitely my favorites, along with the Captain America movies, and I do enjoy the FF movies. The Thor films are pretty good, too. And it turns out that you and I both had to watch the films which preceded The Avengers after viewing that film! The only difference is that I saw it in theaters – and later found it under the Christmas tree! 🙂

        I know how hard it can be to pick up comics. The comics I have are older ones, mostly, from the 1990s and 1980s. Some of those are reprints from the ’60s, actually. I have a few from the ’70s and a couple from the ’60s, which are delicate and have to be handled carefully. If you really want to read some Marvel Comics, you might try the Marvel Masterworks books. These are books that contain up to ten or twelve original comics from the ’60s to the ’70s, and possibly into the ’80s. They are easy to find on I am afraid that I cannot help you much in the way of newer comics, since those are the ones I really cannot get my hands easily. Although, Marvel has an app for iPods, iPads, and the like which lets you buy new comics – or old comics – and download them directly to your device. They also offer comics – new and old – on the app which you can download for free, but those are limited to a certain list they offer that changes slightly every couple of months. The changes to that list are few and far between. I am pretty sure the app is free – it’s black with an A/, then there’s a picture of Spidey’s mask above Iron Man’s. I am not sure if that helps you much.

        It is not nosy to ask how I found you. I was checking out the tags search in my Reader, trying to see how to better tag my posts so they could be found more easily. I typed Captain America in without capitalizing his name, thinking that if people typed a word, phrase, or name into the search engine in small letters that it would come out in small letters. If that was the case, then my tags – which use capital letters for names and places – would be missed. (It turns out the search engine capitalizes the first letter of every word which is typed into it.) When I put in Captain America, your post with the quote of his speech about what it means to be an American appeared on the list of posts related to him. I read it, enjoyed it, liked your post, and thought I would follow your blog to see what else you had to say. The next day, I found you had left a comment on my blog – and voila! Here we are.

        And, LOL, I am not a boy by any means! Thor just never hit my radar for some reason. *Shrug* I cannot figure out why, but I never had that reaction to him, though I think he is a pretty impressive character. Now, Hawkeye on the other hand….that’s another story! 😉



      7. masterleiaofasgard

        Actually, I read them only a few months before watching the movies. They’re really good. ROTK is my favorite book and movie.
        Those are awesome. The Hulk ones are kind of blah, and I haven’t seen all the Iron Man ones yet. I’m not really looking forward to the FF remake though-it looks lame.
        Thanks- I’ll check those out. If you want recent, I know a site where they have loads of comics from 2013-2015. Marvel, DC, pretty much everything. I could’nt get them though because I don’t have Comic Book Reader, but if you have it, (or have the patience to use the free version) there’s a wealth of stuff there. I can send you a link if you want. I can’t really use the Marvel app because I don’t have a device for it. 😦
        That’s cool- I’ve been checking out the Reader myself. Found some neat stuff. I’m glad you like my blog. 🙂
        Thought so- I was pretty sure from the way you talk…um, text, that you were a girl. Actually the first reason I fell for Thor was because of his looks. Wait, what? Hawkeye? :O

      8. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        I still think you’re lucky to have read the books ahead of seeing the movies. Watching the films ahead of reading the books was frustrating at times because it was a whole new world, and I didn’t have a map for it! ROTK is great. I don’t know if it is my favorite of the three (movies or books) – they’re all so good!

        The Hulk films are kind of blah. The second one I can stomach watching when I am bored out of my skull; the first one I haven’t seen all the way through, but from the parts I have seen I don’t think it’s that great. The first Iron Man movie is pretty much the best of the three, and the FF remake looks SUPER lame. I couldn’t believe they were actually going to remake the first FF film. Don’t mess with perfection, people!

        I’m afraid that I have no idea what Comic Book Reader is, but I don’t mind looking it up. I have a very hard time keeping up with what is currently going on in Marvel’s stories – usually I rely on the reports of people who regularly read new Marvel comics, which isn’t always helpful! I’m sorry you can’t use the Marvel app. 😦 The Marvel Masterworks are good, though. I have three of them – two with roughly twenty or so of the early Avengers stories and one with stories about Hawkeye from the 1980s. (I forgot the books went that far until recently – ooops!)

        The WordPress Reader is a good way to find other bloggers, and it does lead to some interesting stuff. I’m glad you could tell I was a girl from the way I “text.” The poor soul who left a comment on my post “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” called me “sir.” I went into hysterics when I read that and couldn’t bring myself to correct him – his comment was so nice, and he didn’t seem to realize I was a girl! I couldn’t burst his bubble by saying something like, “Thanks for your comment – but I’m a ma’am!”

        I know a lot of girls fall in love with Thor the first time they see him. And I’m not sure that’s what happened with Hawkeye, either, because I had looked Hawkeye up a few months ahead of seeing The Avengers in theaters. So I had already decided that I liked him when I went to see the movie. By the end of The Avengers, he was my favorite superhero (with Captain America) and it hasn’t changed since! 😀 I know he’s not a popular or obvious choice. And I was a little upset with all the fans who were gleefully blogging that Hawkeye could possibly die in Age of Ultron. I’ve been told he doesn’t die in the film but gets a bigger role – and that he’s going to be in Cap 3! 😀 So I’m looking forward to seeing how things go for him from here. (And I’m hoping he doesn’t die any time soon!!!)

        I really do enjoy your blog. It’s fun to see what someone else thinks of Marvel Films/Comics and superheroes in general – and to talk to them about it! Creating a superhero is certainly something I’d like to try – but I’ve never blogged about it.

        By the way, who is your favorite character from Star Wars? Luke is my favorite character from the films, and Mara Jade Skywalker, of Expanded Universe fame, is my favorite character from the books.



      9. masterleiaofasgard

        I have a map on my wall. Among other things…:P The books also have a lot of nice details you don’t see in the movies, which is great.
        I saw the first Iron Man movie, and I thought it was cool. Are the other 2 any good?
        IKR? Why would they make a remake when there’s already 2 perfectly good films? My only theory is if they ever want to make the FFs and Avengers ally or the FFs join Infinity Wars or something, it would be kind of awkward. (“Hey Cap, you look just like me!” “Yeah…wierd!” ) You just can’t do a movie where Chris Evans has to play both Cap and Torch. Hence a remake with different actors.
        I don’t know either. I think it’s some sort of software especially for reading comics. I wish they’d just put them in PDF though.
        Cool- I should get some.
        Well, I’m one of those geeks whose closest friends are ones I’ve met online in chatrooms and such, so yeah. I can usually tell a boy from a girl by how they text.
        Hawkeye…he’s a cool guy, though he does’nt have superpowers. I can’t wait to see his family in Age of Ultron.
        Yes, I know! 😀 He does’nt die, but Quicksilver does- permanently. 😦
        Hey, thanks. It’s actually one of the few topics I research about a lot, so i pick up a good bit of info even though I don’t read the comics.
        Um, from the films I’d say Anakin, and from EU I like Mara Jade and Starkiller.

      10. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        I’m glad you have a map! 😛 I enjoy the details in the books, too. I have on my wall a poster with a couple of kittens sitting on a pile of books with the caption, “This is trying period for us. We are trying to avoid studying.” There are days when that poster can be very unhelpful because it is all too true! 😉

        The first Iron Man movie is cool and the best of the three. 2 and 3 aren’t as good as 1, but they aren’t…horrible.

        That was my theory as to why they are remaking the FF films – more so the idea that they want to bring the FF into the Avengers’ films than because Evans would have to play two totally different people. Now that you mention that, I can see another reason they would want to remake the FF movies! Although, it doesn’t sound like much of a “remake” in some respects. The girl they got to play Susan Storm apparently was told by the director that she didn’t have to read the comics to prepare for her role, since the movie has almost nothing to do with them! What the heck does that mean??? How can the new FF film tie in with The Avengers series if it doesn’t relate to the comics??? It’s all so WEIRD!

        It would be sooo nice if the comics were put into PDF. Or any other accessible computer format. Or if local libraries kept more copies of them! Free or inexpensive comics are so hard to find! :/

        I like to think Hawkeye’s pretty cool, even without superpowers. Have you read the spoilers for Age of Ultron? I haven’t, but someone I know has, and he mentioned Hawkeye’s family made it into the film. Did you know Joss Whedon had to fight to keep them in the movie? Marvel wanted them out, but Whedon said, “No way,” and things got tense between him and Marvel’s head honchos. He had his way, though, and he got to keep Hawkeye’s family in the film! 😀

        I heard that Quicksilver died. It was a real shock! Not one blogger who was writing predictions for the film ever thought he’d die, and I fully expected him to make it out alive. Part of the reason he got killed in the film may be because Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the guy they got to play him in the movie, almost didn’t sign up because when Marvel hires an actor they have them sign multi-movie contracts. He only signed up to play Quicksilver when Elizabeth Olsen signed up to play Scarlet Witch, since they worked together on that Godzilla remake a few years back and he trusts her.

        Most of my knowledge of Marvel Comics comes through research, too. Making sense of that research, though, can take a while!

        This is cool – we both like Cap AND Mara Jade!!! I’ve heard of Starkiller but I haven’t read the stories about him. He sounds pretty cool, though. What kind of lightsaber would you like to have? My favorite color is blue, so I’d want a blue lightsaber. Means I’d be a Guardian Jedi!



      11. masterleiaofasgard

        LOL, that’s funny. I just have a bunch of Marvel posters on my wall.
        WHAT?! That does’nt make any sense! Don’t you have to at least read the comics to get into the role???
        I did, but I saw the movie too a couple days ago. Wrote a review for the blog. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Haweye was really good, and I loved his family.
        I hope Quicksilver ends up resurrecting. I really liked him. 😦
        Yeah, he’s cool. Definitely blue, because I’d want to be a Guardian. I have a Star Wars story I wrote all about one. 🙂

      12. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        Wow, cool! The number of Marvel posters I have in my room (or at all) is…nil!

        YES!!! I am so glad you got to see Age of Ultron! I’m hoping to see it soon. The fact that you like it makes me feel better about my chances of liking it. If you think it is awesome then I feel much better. And I’m glad to know Hawkeye does well, too! (I will also read your review the first chance I get!)

        I heard Thor gets beat up; it doesn’t sound very fair to him. Tony’s the one who starts the whole mess – let him get beat up and leave everybody else as alone as possible!

        Quicksilver may come back in Infinity War. I heard that all the actors in Age of Ultron were contracted for the Avengers’ two-parter, but I don’t know if Quicksilver is one of them. Since Thanos shows up in Infinity War with the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet, and if he or someone else uses the Time Stone the right way, then Quicksilver can come back like that. I don’t know if that’s how Marvel will bring him back (if they do), but it’s certainly an option.
        It sounds like Quicksilver was pretty good in Age of Ultron. I still have trouble getting my head around the fact that Whedon killed him off. I like him more than I like Scarlet Witch. She’s cool, but seems to be a magnet for everything weird in the Marvel Universe(s). Quicksilver attracts less bizarre stuff than she does, so I’ve always liked him more than her.

        Cap, Mara Jade, now the same color lightsaber! Cool! You know, I haven’t really thought about Star Wars stories much. I’ve thought about the kinds of Marvel stories I’d like to see, but I’ve never taken much time to come up with my own Jedi story – beyond the color of the lightsaber I’d want! 🙂



        P.S. Where did you get your Gravatar picture? It is really well done! I haven’t seen anything like it before this!

      13. masterleiaofasgard

        It was sooooo good!!! You’re gonna love it!
        Um, no, he does’nt really. Haweye gets hurt twice though.
        That’s possible, and I’d love to get Quicksilver back! 😀 You honestly think Thanos would bring back a hero though?
        Yeah, she brainwashes everyone and stuff. But she’s still cool.
        Sweet! What your favorite SW EU story? Mine is a short story I read called ‘Tales of the Jedi: Light and Shadow’. I’m writing a SW trilogy, as well as a story about Bucky which my sister keeps telling me I should put on Excelsior.
        I was kind of peeved that there were novelizations of the SW movies, but none of the MCU movies. I was thinking I should write them myself.
        PS: I got it off Pintrest, where I have a large collection of Bucky fanart. I don’t know who the artist is.

      14. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        I feel so frustrated that I haven’t seen the film yet! But I will – one way or another! 😉

        Wow, really? I’m glad Thor doesn’t get beat up very much.

        Ouch. I heard Hawkeye got hurt at the beginning of the film. It doesn’t surprise me that he got hurt again. It seems to be his lot, either as a hero or as an Avenger. Why does he resign/take a leave of absence from the team? I know he leaves at the end of the film, but I don’t know why.

        I do not think that Thanos would bring Quicksilver back on purpose. If he brings the team back in time somehow, or if Scarlet Witch manages to brainwash him (provided she lives to see Infinity War) into bringing back her brother, then the Avengers could pick Quicksilver up that way. Of course, it all depends on if Marvel wants to bring him back. Sometimes they’re real stinkers about that sort of thing. 😦 I’m hoping they won’t kill off Hawkeye’s family in Cap 3, or any other Marvel film, the way they killed them in the Ultimate comics. :/

        Scarlet Witch IS cool. It’s just too bad the comic book writers (or their bosses) are always throwing weird stuff her way.

        My favorite SW EU story…I’d say it was a tie between The Last Command and Survivor’s Quest, by Timothy Zahn. They both focus on Luke and Mara, my Star Wars favorites! I’ve never heard of ‘Tales of the Jedi: Light and Shadow.’ Who’s the author?

        Wow, you’re a busy writer! A whole SW trilogy..! Thumbs up, girl! 😀 And a story about Bucky sounds great! I love thinking up stories about my favorite Marvel characters, and where the film writers could go in the future. As for writing them down…I tend to keep them to myself, mostly. Maybe I should think a little more about it, though. If you do decide to post your story about Bucky on Excelsior, I’d be happy to read it! 🙂

        It IS irritating that Marvel has not had any adult novelizations of its movies written! The only novelizations I have found are for younger children. I wonder why Marvel has not had any adult novelizations written for their films, like SW has? It seems kind of weird.

        If you can write an SW trilogy, I don’t see why you couldn’t write novelizations of the MCU films. From what I’ve read, Marvel would do well to hire you! Heaven knows they could do with a few writers who actually like their characters writing stories for them, considering all the crazy stuff they have going on in the comics now.

        I thought your Gravatar picture was fan art. It is really well done; you were right to grab it and keep it!



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