This God-Forsaken Land

This “God-forsaken land,” they call it,

As they gaze with pitying eye,

“Nothing here but sand and sagebrush,

And a vast expanse of sky.”

“We don’t know how you stand it,”

These city folks declare,

“How do you make a living –

Or do you live on air?”

We could tell them of our ranches,

Where the great herds of cattle roam,

Or of the flocks of woolies

That claim Wyoming for their home.

We could show them our oil wells,

That pour forth liquid gold,

And in these places they call “barren,”

There’s deep, rich veins of coal.

They may not see our fertile valleys,

With their fields of hay and grain,

But nestling there among the hills,

We have them – just the same.

This “loneliness” they talk about,

To us is God’s own peace.

There’s so much beauty all around,

Our thanks shall never cease.

Our streams are full of rainbow trout,

We’ve antelope and elk and deer,

We’re a mile up nearer Heaven,

And the air is pure and clear.

Our sunsets glow with color,

And in the pearly dawn of morn

The pungent scent sage drifts down

On a breeze that’s mountain-born.

If they only lived here for a while

Those folks would understand

Why we only smile at them

About this “God-forsaken Land.”

We don’t know much of city life

Or where they seek God there,

But we do know in Wyoming

That we find Him everywhere.

So we’ll leave them the cities

Where the living is so grand.

And we’ll stay in Wyoming

In our God-Beloved Land.

– Juanita M. Leach


About The Mithril Guardian

I like stories.  Whether they’re on film, in song, or in print, I always remember a good story.  They remind me of paintings.  People cannot see them without learning something.  So it’s a good idea to look at a story from as many angles as possible.  I can watch the same movie a million times and still I will learn something that I did not know before.  Thoughts on the Edge of Forever is where I get to focus on what I learned from stories; what was not obvious the first time, the second time, or the umpteenth time. Earlier posts are written in the form of letters, usually to specific characters, to point out what I saw in a particular story or heard in a piece of music. Some of those letters, though, are like letters to the editor. Why did someone write a story this way and not another? Would the story have turned out better if the writer had done something different? These ‘letters to the editor’ will probably never be answered by the writers - the characters certainly will not answer anything - but their contents are still up for debate. After all, unless you ask a question, you will never get an answer. Still, civil ground rules apply. Any foul language or other form of abuse will not be tolerated in Thoughts on the Edge of Forever. I mean, who wants to be around the guest at the dinner party who is being nasty? Practically nobody, since people go to a party to have fun, not to hang around a grouch. So let’s have fun! The Mithril Guardian
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