5 thoughts on “Letters to Marvel

  1. xmenxpert

    For the record, the “merger” is really just some Ultimate characters being moved over to the mainstream universe. The Ultimate line has been dead for a while – Ultimate Spider-Man was the only one still selling. So it was time to shut down the Ultimate line, and Secret Wars was as good a chance as any to do it.

    Other points: Kamala would not have been as popular under a different name. I guarantee it. Giving her the Ms. Marvel name automatically got the attention of people who liked Carol Danvers. An original identity wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much attention. The same goes for other characters: Legacies do better than original identities. A Falcon ongoing would last less than a year, because no one actually cares about Falcon. But Sam Wilson as Captain America? That interests people.

    For romance, a lot of different people have different ideas for who characters should be with. And saying that relationships are never allowed to end ever and certain couples must always be together forever and ever and no one breaks up ever is just silly. Pym and Janet were an interesting couple. But their break-up, subsequent awkwardness and eventual friendship was also really interesting to watch, and reflected an experience that is very real for a lot of people.

    For re-writing history: That’s been going on right from the start. You mention Falcon’s gangster past – that was done in the ’70s! This isn’t some new thing. It’s part of a very long tradition. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being Magneto’s children didn’t come about until the ’80s, over 20 years after they were introduced, and after two prior “reveals” about their parentage.

    As for Marvel listening to the readers: They do. They read the letters they’re sent, they read message boards, but most important, they look at what sells. That’s the main metric. What sells is seldom what’s talked about online. People on the Internet complain about events, but events always do well. People on the Internet talk about wanting original characters, but no one buys the books with original characters.

    Most of the things you’re complaining about are a part of the superhero genre, and have been for decades. Other of your complaints are factually incorrect. Others ignore the reality of the genre. Some of your points are valid, but a lot really, really aren’t.

    1. The Mithril Guardian Post author

      Thank you for your comment, xmenxpert.

      I am quite pleased to learn that Marvel’s Ultimate Comics have been discontinued. However, according to this post: http://www.polygon.com/2015/3/19/8257043/marvel-ending-33-comics-secret-wars – it seems that Marvel is in fact planning to meld both the “mainstream” and Ultimate Universes into one whole.

      Wow, Sam’s gangster past was written in the 70’s? Thanks for that tidbit!

      Yes, I do know Marvel listens to their readers, having received responses from them in the past. Thanks for helping spread the word! The preamble to this post gives people who may not know where to find the company’s contact info a leg up on this work.

      I am curious about the message boards you mentioned. Which would you recommend? Given your greater knowledge of Marvel Comics, I hope you can point me in the right direction(s).

      Again, thank you for your comment. Excelsior!

      The Mithril Guardian

      1. xmenxpert

        That article is outdated. Of the 33 titles it listed, most have already been confirmed as returning. We have previews and solicits, and we even have the first few All-New All-Different titles. And it’s basically the exact same world and continuity as 616.

        Marvel reads the letters they get, but the main thing they look at is sales.

        The boards I’m on are the TVTropes forums, and the CBR forums. But there’s a ton out there.

      2. The Mithril Guardian Post author


        I found an article that said Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” Universe is supposed to cure their continuity problems, especially among the X-Men. Do you know if this is true?

      3. xmenxpert

        Doesn’t seem to be the case. Some books will be less continuity-laden than others, but that’s always been the case. The indications are that Marvel is carrying on with business as usual. But with a bit more focus on diversity.

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