One Life: A Human’s a Human, No Matter How Small


I think that Peeta was onto something about us destroying one another and letting some decent species take over. Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children’s lives to settle its differences. – Katniss Everdeen in Mockingjay (Emphasis added)

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This week there have been and are going to be several marches for life protesting legalized abortion across the United States. If you are pro-choice and believe abortion is okay, you should remember something very important: you were once a twenty week old “lump of cells” in your mother’s body, too.

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We all were. We were all three day old cells carried by our mothers’; we were all eight month old unborn babies – except for those of us who were born premature. Then we were brought into the world even earlier. And you know what? We all – eventually – looked like this when we were born, premature or otherwise: healthy infants.

Image result for babies Did you ever think about babies who were born premature, readers? They were born before they were, as the cliché goes, “viable outside of the womb.” But are we going to argue that these premature infants are not human beings? If so, we are lying to ourselves.

This means that the argument that the “fetus” to be aborted is just an unfeeling lump of cells at these stages is very unscientific. Premature babies are not unfeeling lumps of cells, are they? They can cry and move, make faces, and need their diapers changed just like healthy babies born nine months after conception.

At twenty weeks, one of the favored stages for an abortion, the baby has a head, arms, legs, and can make facial expressions, not to mention move around. A woman can hear and feel the baby hiccup sometimes at that point, too. Three days after conception, a heartbeat can be detected from that single cell which will grow into a baby.

To say this argument over abortion is about a woman’s right to control her body is silly. Yes, a woman has a right to control her own body. But does she have the right to control the body of the person she is carrying? Has no one stopped to ask that question?

Why is a baby that is wanted, or “planned,” referred to as a baby while in the womb, but a baby that is unwanted or “unplanned” is spoken of as a “lump of cells” or “tissue”? If the latter is true, then there should be no joy for a couple when the pregnancy test comes back positive and no sorrow when a woman suffers a miscarriage.

Yet this is what happens. Why the societal dichotomy?

Maybe you should ask yourself this very important question, too, readers: What if my mother had aborted me?

You would not be here to read this if that were the case. You would either be zapped out of existence, dissected in utero, or “harvested” and your body parts sold to the highest bidder. What if your mother had decided to abort you? Do you want to help abortionists do that to the next Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr., or John F. Kennedy? Do you want to continue to support infanticide?

Think about it, readers. Think about it harder than you have ever thought about anything else in your life. This is not a battle with a fence to sit on. This is a battle between life and death. Which do you choose?

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5 thoughts on “One Life: A Human’s a Human, No Matter How Small

  1. The Cheesesellers Wife

    I am shocked that in the USA, abortions are mostly done at 20 weeks. In the UK in 2016, the vast majority of abortions took place in the very early stages of pregnancy (79% took place before 10 weeks gestation) with only one in ten taking place over 13 weeks gestation. I can assure you that those over 13 weeks are for medical reasons only. An example in my close family is a baby with no brain, no eyes, ears, nose or mouth. This situation was only detected at 20 weeks. The parents chose an abortion where the baby’s heart was stopped in the womb, prior to birth, as they sincerely believed that the baby would have a life of unbearable torture. They grieve every day, still, after 21 years. But they are still sure that they did the right thing to avoid suffering.

    Sometimes the decisions are very hard.

    Where we agree is that abortions need to avoided and there are ways and means of not having abortions, and women need to have the means to do this, including free birth control —which is available in the UK, but not I think in the USA?

    Also, I’m sorry my friend, but you have at least one fact wrong. You say :

    “Three days after conception, a heartbeat can be detected from that single cell which will grow into a baby.”

    No, the foetal heartbeat can only be detected at 5 weeks, as that is when the heart starts beating. Go see

    1. The Mithril Guardian Post author

      Dear Cheesesellers Wife,

      I am very sorry for the grief and pain of your relatives.

      Thank you for your comment, but according to, a human baby’s heart begins to beat sixteen days after conception. You can find the entire article here: I did indeed err in saying that a baby’s heart beat could be detected three days after conception, but apparently our hearts do begin to beat at least 16 days after conception. This is very exciting news!

      Abortion in this country is an officially sanctioned form of birth control, with many doctors and institutions performing them up to and during birth, or forcing birth and then killing the baby (infanticide). Kermit Gosnell, finally jailed after years of this gruesome practice at a “Women’s Medical Society” clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one of the most infamous practitioners of this horror. You can learn more about him here:, and here:

      Gosnell’s is the most notorious case in recent years. Sadly, his is not the only one, as you will see in this article about a Planned Parenthood executive:, who once stated that she “wanted a Lamborghini,” an item she could only afford if she sold enough body parts and organs from infants aborted at Planned Parenthood clinics around the country. She was not the only one caught discussing such sales, though her comment makes her stand out from the rest.

      This practice must end. The sooner, the better.

      Thank you for your comment and your time. I appreciate them both.

      Best wishes,

      The Mithril Guardian

      1. The Cheesesellers Wife

        I’ve just read the Oxford article –extrapolated from Mouse data, but still very interesting. I was amazed at the detail seen 16 years ago at my 12 week ultrasound scan, although that was on state of the art equipment then, we must be able to detect so much more now.

        Your horror stores are indeed horrible.

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