Some More Star Wars Videos Exploring the Legends Timeline

Hello, Readers! As you know, thanks to a number of conversations with the girls at The Elven Padawan, this blogger went to youtube to see if there were any videos about Star Wars‘ original timeline. Having found several valuable videos there, I thought I would to post them here at Thoughts so curious readers could learn more about the original Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Since I know a fair bit about the original Expanded Universe, but not as much as I’d like, these video have filled in gaps in my own knowledge as well. Below you will find a number of videos on the Jedi, smugglers, and bounty hunters who inhabited the original Star Wars universe.

Enjoy your trip down these fantastic original Star Wars hyperspace memory lanes, readers! And remember –

“The Force will be with you, always.”

5 Space Creatures Powerful Enough to Destroy Capital Ships | Star Wars Legends Lore


5 Deadliest UNKNOWN REGIONS Species and Monsters | STAR WARS LEGENDS


5 Most Advanced Alien Civilizations in Star Wars Legends | Star Wars Top 5


7 Gray Force Orders That Competed With and Rivaled the Jedi and Sith Orders


How Powerful Was Starkiller – Star Wars Explained


Why More Jedi Didn’t Use Double-Bladed Lightsabers


Why Were Yellow Lightsabers So Rare For Jedi? – Lightsabers Explained


Why the Sith Break the Rule of 2 – Star Wars Explained

6 thoughts on “Some More Star Wars Videos Exploring the Legends Timeline

  1. Bookstooge

    I was never a fan of the concept of the Gray Orders. But if you go with a Catholic/Protestant thing, I can see the reasoning. The Sith would be the Catholics, obviously. One order that while in reality might be splintered presents a monolithic front to the universe at large. While Protestants are the Jedi, with their 101 different Orders and no one is shy about saying otherwise.

    I still don’t like it though. Just make them Alternate Force Users, like the Witches of Dathomir, instead of being directly aligned for/against the Jedi Order.

    1. The Mithril Guardian Post author

      I’m not a particularly big fan of the Gray Orders, either. But this is a post meant to help newcomers find their way around the original Expanded Universe, so I included them here. I wonder if they have a video on the original Witches of Dathomir? Hmm….

      Funny you should say that about the Sith. I rather think the Jedi are more like Catholics, while the Sith are, well, pretty much devil-worshippers. They revere the Dark Side of the Force, after all. That’s pretty much devil-worship, which is something Catholics *definitely* do not agree with, support, or endorse in any way.

      Your summation of the Gray Orders is a good one. Where would you put the Witches of Dathomir? The Aing-Tii monks I can see being compared to Buddhists, but not the Witches. They’re a much harder group to pin down.

      1. Bookstooge

        Witches were definitely dark siders, but not sith. So a generic “alternate Force User” is how I think of them, but with the addendum, dark siders 🙂

      2. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        Really? The Singing Mountain Clan seemed aligned with the Light Side. They didn’t know it as well as the Jedi, but they knew enough *not* to use the Dark Side. Thinking about it, I wonder if they could be compared to a clan of primitives who kept a moral code aligned with the Light but lacking the full illumination which the Jedi had?

      3. The Mithril Guardian Post author

        Same here. The Witches who helped Han, Leia, Luke, and Isolder were all Light Siders. A large number of their fellows – known as the Nightsisters – had been lured to Dark Side, but they were all killed. A resurgent Nightsisters in the Jedi Academy series was eradicated as well.

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