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A Happy Ending, Please!

What is your idea of a happy ending?  For most people, the ideal happy ending appears to mirror the ending of the Cinderella fairy tale: obstacles and problems (step-sisters and step-mother in Cinderella’s case) are overcome; the protagonist wins the … Continue reading

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An American Storm

American Storm Lyrics Words and music by Bob Seger Headin’ out on some uncharted path You soon turn back It happens time and time again You never seem to reach the end Someone’s out there on the street tonight When … Continue reading

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Sky after a Rainstorm

  A few days before Christmas there was a rainstorm in my area (in December of all times!).  At a lull in the rain the sun peeked through the clouds and over the trees, showing off this stunning demonstration of … Continue reading

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Happy Old Christmas Day!

  Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas!!!

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