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Sackett's Land

“I am somewhat afraid,” I spoke quietly, into the blackness. “It is a strange land into which we go.”

“It is good to say that you are afraid,” Sakim said. “It is not good to be too bold. A little fear makes a man think. It is better to be a little afraid, and yet do what has to be done.” – Louis L’Amour, Sackett’s Land


Louis L'Amour

Louis L’Amour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The art of war can be learned,” he told me.  “But after the principles are learned, the rest is ingenuity, the gift that goes beyond learning, or the instinct born of understanding.

“There are good ways and bad ways of attacking fortified positions, of crossing streams under attack, or withdrawing when the situation is no longer favorable.


“Learn the accepted modes of attack and defense, then use the variations that are your own.  Masters of battle know what has already been done, then go beyond it with skill and discretion.  Alexander, Hannibal, Belisarius…study them.  They were masters.” – Louis L’Amour, Sackett’s Land