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Useful Work…

The Cherokee Trail

“It’s useful work, Matty.” She voiced her thoughts suddenly. “What we’re doing here can be important. These are busy people, but they are often lonely people, too. They are making a long, hard trip, and many have no idea what to expect at the end of it. We can leave them with a bright, happy memory, and we can give them a friendly welcome when they come.”

“’Tis my thought exactly, mum. Travelers are either lonely folk all by themselves, like, or they are herded about like cattle, and a kind word is remembered long after.”

“We must have a word for each one if we can, Matty, and we must remember those who come again, as some will. It is flattering to be remembered and called by name.”

“Aye.” – Exchange between Mary Breydon and Matty Maginnis in The Cherokee Trail by Louis L’Amour