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Spotlight: Zach King – Six Second Magic

Normally, my Spotlight! posts are about a character or an aspect of a show that I enjoy – a zoid, an Avenger, an annoying but lovable Giant Sloth. This time, though, I am reviewing something slightly different.

This time I am reviewing videos created by Zach King, a young man who likes special effects and magic. In six seconds of video, Mr. King pulls off all sorts of tricks – taking kittens out of the computer, slicing a watermelon into three parts with a katana sword, turning a simple goldfish green, blue, and white….and making it disappear.

I really enjoy his videos and I thought that, today, I would share some of them with you, readers. So, if you want to see some magic, take a look at the video below. If you are underwhelmed by his performance, I am genuinely sorry to hear that. If you enjoy his tricks as much as I do, then welcome to the club, friend! We have been waiting for you!


The Mithril Guardian