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Take a Trip on Down to ‘Bama

These three songs are the only ones by the band Alabama that I know by name, but they have to be some of the group’s best work. Try them out for yourselves, readers!

The Mithril Guardian


Mountain Music 


I’m in a Hurry (And I Don’t Know Why)


Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)

Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers. They are not thought on very much today. In some ways, their position has gotten a worse rap than motherhood. Yes, some of them are downright subhuman, but so are some mothers. (Catherine the Great was not very well thought of by her illegitimate son, Paul, who became Czar after her death. He even passed a law prohibiting women from ruling Russia when he came to the throne.)

Yet fathers have a difficult job, too. No, they do not always have to change the baby, or care for the sick children in the family. No, they do not have to do the dishes or the laundry every day. But then, it is no easy job to earn enough money to pay the bills, buy groceries and clothes, and purchase Christmas presents either. And many fathers have that situation facing them every morning.

I have heard some say that fathers are mysterious. To some extent, this is true. But why are fathers so mysterious?

“Well, they aren’t around all the time;” “They aren’t as understanding as mothers;” or “They’re always busy.”

All right. But why?

Fathers are not around all the time because it is their duty to provide for the family. In circumstances where the reverse is true, then the mother is mysterious and the father more familiar. By and large, however, fathers are not always nearby and/or are always busy because someone has to support the family. Often, that job belongs to the father.

As for fathers not being as understanding as mothers, my experience tells me that is pure balderdash. No, not everyone has had my experience, but this I know: Fathers can be as understanding as any mother with their children. Sometimes they can even be more understanding than a mother can.

I have nothing that specifically celebrates Father’s Day, but through these two songs below I can express my sentiments:

“Butterfly Kisses”

“Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)”

These songs do not describe a father for everyone, I know. But they articulate my feelings on fathers perfectly.

Happy Father’s Day!


The Mithril Guardian