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Marvel at the Laughter

One of the things I enjoy almost as much as a good film are the bloopers that result from making a good movie.  So I was more than a little upset when I discovered that the DVD of Marvel’s The Avengers I had did NOT include a blooper reel.  RATS!!!

Eventually, however, I was able to find the official gag reel for The Avengers.  At least, I think it is the official gag reel.  Whether it is or not, it sure is funny!

And so, without further ado, here it is!

So far, among my friends, the unanimous favorite gag is Mark Ruffalo’s joke at the end of the reel.  Personally, I get a huge kick out of watching the Captain America stuntman (or maybe it was Chris Evans, I cannot tell when they are wearing the costume) miss his landing.  Honestly, sometimes I think actors and actresses are children in adults’ bodies.  I know we all have a child inside, but not all of us have a camera filming us when the child peeks out.

While searching the Internet for bloopers for The Avengers, I came across this gag reel for Thor: The Dark World:

Is it just me, or does Tom Hiddleston make a sound like a cat at the end of this gag reel?  I think he does, but it is hard to be sure.  I know it is a short blooper reel, but that does not make it any less fun.

Come back and enjoy the videos as much as you want.  After all, everyone needs a little laughter from time to time!

Until next time!

The Mithril Guardian